One of the greatest challenges of the world today is that people feel untouched by the problems of others. We are constantly receiving data that makes us feel numb, disconnected and overwhelmed. Communication sources, means and channels seem to multiply every day. Yet, a huge part of society still does not feel affected by global issues.


Getting a sense of community is paramount to overcome world issues such as climate change or social inequality. We believe that art, as a universal language, has the power to affect our essential self-sense, convey data effectively and encourage individual positive actions that have global impact. Be it a film, song, poem, paint, novel, exhibition, billboard ad, fashion show, a sculpture, a building or even a social media post, artistic expression can motivate people to think about life differently. It is a transformative experience that can lead quicker than any other means to positive change. 


Inspired by Marina’s awareness campaigns, POV is getting established as an ARTivism hub for brands, organisations and creatives searching for new ideas, thinking out of the box and approaching global issues with meaningful actions, especially within the fashion industry and environmental field. We feel responsible to get art invited to take part in the discussions of social, political and ecological issues and are committed to achieve this mission hand-in-hand with our partners and anyone interested in joining the change. Get involved.