Marina is a multidisciplinary US-based creative director, designer and sustainability advocate, whose work embraces the fields of art, fashion, experiential branding, communications and sustainable transformation. 


Through her multidisciplinary work, Marina brings to life the ethos of Point Off View


Marina’s artistic praxis moves easily between art, fashion and sustainability. Alongside her activity in the fashion world, she works as a creative director, providing her artistic input and direction to brands and organisations who are looking for an original point off view in their campaigns. 


Marina's work is predominantly known for her thought-provoking social media collaborations as content creator that incite action through art and whose sole purpose is to use this artistic vessel to reach as wide a public possible.


Working alongside a plethora of artists that cover several artistic disciplines, such as photography, videography, graphic artists and visual artists, enables Marina to materialize her vision. 



Self-taught, digital photographer, Marina is recognised for her color block Instagram awareness campaigns.


Marina has rediscovered her interest in photography throughout her latest campaign #WeSeaThrough in collaboration with videographer Danilo. 


Inspired by her curiosity in experiential branding and her background in Fashion Marketing, Marina is continuously researching new ways to challenge herself and bring her clients constant inspiration and engaging content. 




Marina’s formal training was in Fashion Marketing and she has collaborated internationally with Brands including Chanel or Fendi as well as with sustainable names such as Naadam or ThredUp. 


After graduating from Parsons University, Marina began her career as a model and fashion designer under her own sustainable label: Point Off View. She has collaborated with a wide variety of fashion brands, including high fashion brands such as Chanel & Fendi. 

In 2019, she has started to collaborate as panelist with publications such as Hypebae, the Latin American Fashion Summit and Art Basel Miami White Wall Talks as well as acted as a design judge at the ISKOL in Berlin.


Known for her awareness campaigns in conscious consumerism, Testino started advocating for a more sustainable retail future in a unique way.

Her awareness campaigns have been featured in publications worldwide.