Point Off View is a mission-driven micro agency focused on digital communication and sustainable transformation.


Marina Testino is a creative director, photographer and environmental advocate specializing in sustainable transformation and comprehensive communication strategy within the cultural sector.

Fusing sustainability, art and fashion, Marina is renowned for her ARTivist campaigns which draw attention to conscious consumerism. For her first campaign, #OneDressToImpress, Marina wore the same bold red suit for two months, highlighting the creative potential of a single garment. The campaign closed with a collaboration with artist N. Carlos J who transformed the suit into a new piece with an explosion of color. 

Marina launched four more campaigns in two years: #CarryOnSummer, #YellowLikeALemon, #WeSeaThrough and #HighTiesDontLie. Her campaigns are bold and unique, creating a space for conversations about sustainability and consumerism in a way that feels accessible and engaging. This is critical for sustainability to flourish. 


Point Off View builds upon the core values of these campaigns to deliver forward-thinking creative direction, digital communication and value-driven change for people and planet.