#OneDressToImpress was developed to explore what would happen if I wore the same, strong, visible outfit everywhere for two months straight. Repeating an outfit in today’s day has become a taboo to our society, so I solely wanted to do the thing to contradict this all. Choice doesn’t always have to mean choosing something new, and to be honest, it has been totally liberating choosing NOT to choose.

Society nowadays has a way of pushing people in fashion to always wear something new and I have learned that this is something that people are very much aware of, but nothing is being done about it. When I entered the industry, I felt that pressure to constantly be on trend. This experience has been great and has taught me a lot like how to get more creative around accessories. It’s like having a blank slate each day to play with new side pieces, because even if you are wearing the same suit, you might have different moods or need to go evening or go day.  I have also discovered the absolute necessity of a steamer! You really can’t press a suit, but it needs refreshing daily. Steaming is a lot easier, faster and also much less toxic way to refresh than sending things out to dry clean.

Wearing something with confidence stands out more than wearing the latest fashion trend. I’m not saying people shouldn’t buy on trend, but simply to shop consciously and buy what makes you feel good and empowered. I also don’t recommend that people wear the same outfit every day for two months. But I hope I can spark some thought and discussion around what seems to be a growing obsession with novelty.

 Video by @theshark