Following on from previous projects such as #OneDressToImpress and #CarryOnSummer, Marina Testino now presents #YellowLikeALemon, where she will continue to promote conscientious consumer choices for fashion and beauty. In this upcoming project, Marina will challenge herself for one full month to only wear clothes from the Four S’s of Sustainable Fashion: Simplify, Share, Sustainably Sourced and Secondary Market only using the color yellow! Marina will also explore sustainable beauty brands that will help highlight her lemony hue! #YellowLikeALemon will start with Paris Fashion Week S/S19 and will continue for 30 days straight. 

Starting with 10 crazy days of Paris Fashion Week, Marina will be showing how easy sustainable daily beauty routines and outfit combinations can be. All the while she will be sharing tips on brands that are going the extra mile to make beautiful clothes and precious beauty products with meaningfully reduced impact on the environment. Daily images will be shared on Instagram @MarinaTestino. 

We encourage you to check out the amazing sustainable brands that have joined the #YellowLikeALemon project to help represent Marina throughout her experience. From beauty shes working with: La Bouche Rouge ,Olas and, One Ocean Beauty. Some of the brands on the fashion side: Stella McCartney, Katherine Hammett, Laura Strambi, Ecoalf, Share My Bag.

In an effort to help the beauty and fashion industries shift from unsustainable “linear economy” to a sustainable, “circular economy”, the project’s intention is to celebrate positive change and progressive possibilities. With #YellowLikeALemon, Marina will explore various alternatives to “fast fashion” including doing more with what’s already in the closet (not to mention a piece or two from her little sister’s closet...), scouting vintage shops and flea markets, embarking on a serious quest for great clothing and beauty products that are sustainably made. 
To help simplify a sustainable approach to fashion, Marina has created ‘The Four S’s’ (following on, of course from the time honored creed of the Three R’s; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) which are pillars for this project: Simplify, Share (or rent!), Sustainably made & Secondary market. Following these pillars one can mix and match a variety of outfits and be immersed in the fashion industry while not adding to the excess. You are invited! Find an all yellow, sustainable, vintage or borrowed outfit for a day, a week, or a month and go…


 Photographs by @atticusradley





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