what you can't see can  hurt you

I am joining forces with video artist @danilo to launch #WeSeaThrough, an eye-popping IG campaign to raise awareness of the invisible threats to the world’s oceans: microplastics.


Microplastics are pieces of plastic of 5mm or less, about the size of a pencil eraser. Microbeads specifically come from personal care or beauty products, fibers from synthetic clothing or larger pieces of plastic breaking down and are considered as microplastics too. According to the UN, you can picture the magnitude of the microplastic problem in our seas as a bigger number than there are stars in our galaxies.


Starting August 3, I will spend 30 days stripped down to the bare essentials, with 30 provocative posts to mark each eye-opening day. 


And yes, I'm going to do it totally nude


This campaign is an investigation into ways microplastics might be causing hidden harm to the sea, and most importantly,

a search for solutions. 


As of today, nudity is undeniably the most sustainable and eye catching alternative to face these tiny plastic particles — and I am inviting YOU to join with your own nude #WeSeaThrough post and a pledge to make one small change over the summer.